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"In your face, the burn is the most serious, and it is the most late. It takes another month to disassemble." Wu Zhong said coldly.

This man, except for the first day, said a few words, in the days when Ye Lingyue’s Yuan Li recovered, they were all hard-boned, and they were not close to each other.

Ye Lingyue touched his face and was too lazy to talk to him.

"Your face, after this time, may change a bit." Wu looked at her again and said slowly.

"Change?" Although the appearance has not always been very important, but after all, it is a woman, Ye Lingyue listened, still a little nervous.

"It's already ugly anyway, and it's ugly and ugly." Wu continued to poison the tongue.

"Roll!" Ye Lingyue was annoyed, grabbed a bunch of snow, and had no head and no brain, he slammed into Wu.

Wu was laughing and escaping. He was so angry that Ye Lingyue slammed his feet and ignored him. He pulled his legs and went down the mountain.

Looking at her back, the sorcerer followed the unhealthy, flashing a deep thought in her eyes.

Her face. Why is it like that, is it just the reason for Nirvana?

It is undeniable that Ye Lingyue is a natural beauty embryo.

But it’s just that. Among the women she has seen, she is not the most beautiful. Even the snow is a little bit better than Ye Lingyue, but she is the only one who makes Wu’s feelings Different.

Just, that's all before Ye Lingyue.

That night. Wu Zhong’s heart was hot.

The woman who was kneeling under her own body was judged to be two.

The face is still the face, but it seems different.

Ye Lingyue, who took Nirvana after the heart, replaced it with a layer of skin.

xxShe is like a reborn, eyebrows, nose and mouth, skin sound, all of them make people sway.

As if to be born with a bone, a smile, with a charm of the soul, people unconsciously indulge.

Wu Zhong recalled that day, the emotive face under the moonlight, just a glance, let his heart and soul can not help but shudder.

That kind of girl, like a charming demon, is like a fox that is confusing.

Even her own, I am afraid that I have not found this.

At the thought, soon after, she will go to Beiqing, and the waste of Fengqi will get along with each other, and Wuzhong’s heart will be uncomfortable.

Why do you have to pick up a woman who can't touch it, but Feng Xiao can get along with it.

Can not be cheaper than the phoenix phoenix kid, let him face a "scorpion", Wu Zhong did not have a reason to pull his mouth, the pace is brisk, follow the shadow of Ye Lingyue.

Ye Lingyue had been to the foot of the mountain, only to know that he was brought to a snowy mountain by Wu.

Looking down at the mountains, the snowfields are all in all directions, and there are no roads or houses. At one time, she does not know where she is.

"Here is the god of the river, the ice lake here, can dissolve your potency on you. That night, because of the urgency, I will bring you over. It is located in the north of the Xixia Plain, it takes about two days."

Wu Zhong is already behind her.

The two days of Wu Zhong’s remarks were naturally Ye Lingyue’s footsteps. On that night, he took her with eagerness and enthusiasm, but at most it took an hour.

"Cai Er sisters are still in the city, I have to go back as soon as possible, go to Beiqing." Ye Lingyue just finished, Wu Zhong snorted.




















XX"If I am back, I will teach you a set of exercises."

Wu Zhong’s practice?

She stared at the cold golden mask of Wu Zhong, and her teeth had already tickle.

Unlike Ye Lingyue's expression of Huo Huo Huo, Wu Zhong's look is not fluctuating, just plundering the eye.

Suddenly, Ye Lingyue moved.

She has already put on her own clothes, and the narrow mouth of the Yunjin robe, which is turned into a month, is a move, a vigorous force, sweeping away toward the witch, almost at the same time, her mental attack, Also hit together.

Wu raised his eyelids.

Under his feet, there was no movement at all, but the upper body shook a little.

Ye Lingyue only felt that the front was empty, and Wu Zhong had escaped her double attack.

But soon, Ye Lingyue gave a sigh of relief, his wrist turned, his hands were more than a star, many flashes of light, Ye Lingyue's fingertips, but also countless fingers.

It was all of a sudden, making her the strongest offensive.

Seeing the attack of Ye Lingyue's hairpin, Wu Zhong immediately smiled, only to see his sleeves slightly moving, an invisible barrier guarded in front of him, instantly turning Ye Lingyue's attack into no shadow.

Before and after Wu Zhong, there were several exercises that Ye Lingyue had made. There was nothing to reflect, and even the eyelids were not lifted. Wu Chong is sitting in 18 Yucheng, and the world of martial arts is also very complicated.

In general martial arts, he can recognize it immediately.

However, Ye Lingyue used the method of Xing Yi, but he never saw it.

"Do not fight." Ye Lingyue is also somewhat discouraged.

She suddenly discovered that the martial arts that she had tried hard to learn, in front of the monster of Wu Zhong, was nothing at all.

This kind of baby and adult fight style makes her very frustrated.